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Asset Allocation Trends is in regular contact with the best performing North American, European pension funds and endowments such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford. This service provides reports and updates on their asset allocation policies, from equities and bonds to emerging markets, real estate, private equity, hedge funds and natural resources.  Inherent in this analysis is an assessment of value and risks.  Inherent in philosophy is that in the end value drives long term investment performance.

Market Sentiment monitors the flows in the marketplace; what traders and hedge fund and asset managers are doing and thinking. It assesses the psychological condition of the market by monitoring the mood of traders and analysts-- whether they are bullish, bearish or neutral. uses forecasts to interpret market sentiment and make a judgement on how the players are going to react.

Lateral Scenario Analysis

Professional investors, notably global traditional and hedge fund managers and investment bank proprietary traders, dominate market movements. For most of the time this professional crowd tends to be right. Inevitably markets tend to overshoot and at vital turning points, the crowd is wrong.

It is tempting to be contrary, but contrary players are wrong footed time and time again. It is exceedingly difficult to pin point and time the major turns. Instead of “contrary thinking”, Market Predict applies the art of Lateral Scenario Analysis, formed from ideas of Edward de Bono, who wrote the leading book “Lateral Thinking” (Penguin Books) in the late sixties.

Applied to the investment arena, Lateral Scenario Analysis examines information from a different perspective. It creates new thought patterns that helps people escape from conventional market views and spin that aren’t necessarily correct.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis economic and market views are eclectic. In assessing the state of the market, Market Predict comments on fundamental and technical analysis. The majority of strategists and analysts come to conclusions via vertical thought processes. In essence this is the logical deduction of cause and effect. It is the expectation and hope that the momentum of past price trends and patterns will continue into the future.

If only it were that simple. Since markets are free and dynamic, price changes continuouly alter the balance of supply and demand. Economic statistics are soon obsolete. Hedge funds, major investment bank proprietary traders and other speculators invariably frustrate the fundamentalists by pushing markets way beyond expectations.

From long market experience, has found that the extent and duration of market moves continually surprise participants. Since new inexperienced players replace veterans who have gone through good and bad times, the same mistakes are repeated time and time again. cautions that participants must respect the changing face of a market even if it appears to be illogical. has the experience of assessing the markets over the cycle from depressed bargain basement prices to euphoric bubble levels.

Derivatives and the Technical State of The Market

Derivatives play a major part in market movements and are thus an essential tool in research. This service comprises the interpretation of options, futures, volume, volatility and liquidity. Assessing critical lower and upper pivotal points of trading ranges, research provides cautionary risk control signals to guard against surprise market moves. It examines the technical state of the market i.e. if speculative positions are larger or smaller than those of commercial traders.


History shows that when strategists, economists and journalists think alike their forecasts invariably turn out to be wrong. The market is overloaded with information and data, but knowledge and especially wisdom are scarce. aims at dissecting popular market opinions. It rejects the spin, platitudes and clichés. research and consulting offers the wisdom of experience and knowledge. This background helps assess asset values. The editor has reported and commented on major bull and bear markets involving equities, bonds, currencies, commodities and real estate from as far back as the late sixties.

Past forecasts are no guarantee for the future, but here are some:

Only charlatans claim that they are correct all the time. thus made mistakes e.g. surprise about the extent of the base metals and mining boom and exceptional surge of commodity currencies. On the other hand past articles of the editor illustrate the following viewpoints in the past six years:-

Late 1999 and early 2000 --- Warnings of a dangerous global equity bubble

October 2001 ---- Acute pessimism in metals markets indicate bottom

Early 2000 --- Market overconfident about fledging euro

February 2002 --- Gold bull market resumes

March 2002 ---- Japan’s Nikkei bottoming out

April 2002 --- Euro to recover

February 2003 --- US and European stocks providing exceptional value

May 2003 --- Asian equities oversold because of SARS

November 2003 ---Era of low oil prices over (price then $30)

December 2004 --- Excessive pessimism about dollar could result in rally

August 2005 --- Euro correction from highs adequate

September 2005 --- No need for oil panic

October 2005 ---- Fund managers bullish on Asia

December 2005 --- European fund managers bullish

February 2006 --- Raw material prices peaking

Objective and Independent

Read our Code of Conduct and “Who We Are” on the home page of They show that is independent and objective. Of course Marketpredict does not make guarantees about the future. Instead the service will help you make your own decisions, your own calls. It will help you step away from the crowd.

Background of Editor and Publisher Editor, Neil Behrmann has been a long time regular correspondent for publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Barrons. Over three decades, he gained exceptional experience in writing about extraordinary, stock, bond, currency, gold and other commodity bull and bear markets.


Massive global monetary expansion is likely. What market implications?

Brilliant article - very interesting. Well done. I am getting it back from some of my contacts. SS

Keep 'em coming and keep up your absolutely first class journalism. I don't have to pay you any compliments - but a man who can write Children's Books and also write incisive, provacative, thoughtful and thoroughly original pieces on the mining world is a true scholar- FL

Reads very well. Congratulations on its quality. I think we are all crying out for trenchant insightful commentary - GS

Of course you know you made front page lead of Business Times with your story on exchange controls. Way to go! The denial reactions from officialdom, right up to the top, were such that your sources were probably spot-on - MR

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Thank you very much for all the good work you have delivered in the past. I hope the new arrangement suits you and look forward to working with you on that basis - JJ

I look forward to working with you again in the New Year - Best wishes,
Mary, Wall Street Journal

Great timing and great story! Lots of interest in the US - LP

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