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Neil Behrmann is a journalist and author. His latest book Trader Jack - The Story of Jack Miner (HandE Publishers) has just been published. A sequel will follow in 2011. Butterfly Battle- The Story of the Great Insect War (Readmore Books), published in 1998, is an anti-war fantasy. Reviews, which were excellent, can be seen on

Neil has written numerous articles about currencies, bonds, stocks, commodities and hedge funds during the past three decades. He was the first southern African correspondent of the Wall Street Journal and deputy business editor of the Johannesburg Star. He was then posted to London as European Financial Editor of the Rand Daily Mail, an international award winning anti apartheid publication. In the late seventies, Neil was a London correspondent of Barrons, specialising in commodities and the Eurobond market.

In 1980, Neil became a prolific London-based special correspondent of the Wall Street Journal for more than two decades, concentrating on commodities, futures markets and mining. He also wrote WSJ features on hedge funds, personal finance, property, sports business and travel. Neil is London correspondent of Singapore Business Times, a leading Asian business publication and Infovest21, a respected, independent New York based hedge fund newsletter and information service.

Major scoops include the $3 billion Sumitomo copper fraud in 1996; the $900 million collapse of the International Tin Council, the $24 billion South African debt default in the mid eighties and investigation into the lost millions of former Philippines dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, in the early nineties. News breaking features include Barings' Nick Leeson fraud, Kerviel of Societe Generale, who lost around $8 billion, scandals in the diamond market and several major hedge fund frauds.

Neil has been regularly interviewed on BBC television and radio and other stations.

He has also written special articles and syndicated pieces for: Asian Finance, Business Day (SA), Business Report (SA), Daily Telegraph, Exchange Traded Gold, Financial World, Financial Weekly, Financial Post (now National Post in Canada), Independent, Institutional Investor, Investors Daily, Melbourne Age,, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald and The Times. Other publications include Business (UK), Strategy, Sunday Times (SA), Commodities-Now, New Zealand Herald, Paydirt, Ambassador (the UK MBA magazine) and Gold Mining Journal.

Neil was educated in South Africa at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa, an open academic institution. As a journalist he studied part-time receiving Bcom (Hons) First Class, majoring in economics, applied economics, money and banking and investment. That was followed by a Masters degree with a thesis on corporate fixed income securities.


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1) Lateral Market Thinker

It combines vertical and lateral market thinking to determine potential future scenarios.  Please click on Lateral Scenarios for latest stories.

2) Strategies

Economic and market views are eclectic. Content is gleaned from knowledgeable participants, including hedge fund managers, who are aware of the flow of funds that determine the demand and supply of securities, currencies and commodities. Market Predict monitors what's really happening in the marketplace and what traders and fund managers are doing and thinking.  We assess the psychological condition of the market by monitoring the mood of traders- whether they are bullish, bearish or neutral. (See Strategies).

3) Content, Speed, Content

The vast majority of web sites are painfully slow. This publication values readers' time and won't be cluttered with advertising banners. Our motto is Content, Speed, Content and editorial policy, freedom of information and markets.  We believe that free markets should be transparent and clean. For a full review of Market Predict's sponsorship policy, see (7) Sponsors below. The rights, privacy and confidentiality of subscribers and information sources are respected. (See Code of conduct. )

4) Copyright & Contributors

Please respect copyright and intellectual property of this publication and contributors.  They include analysts, economists, traders, psychiatrists, journalists and academics. For those who are unsure about the international convention, it is vital that you read (10) Dangers of Flouting International Copyright Law. The article spells out the basics of international copyright law.

The editor is a member of the Association of Lending Rights. The organisation is committed to protect the copyright of its members.

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5) Freedom of Information and Free Clean Transparent Markets

Our editorial policy is freedom of information and markets. We also believe that free markets should be transparent and clean. If we detect alleged manipulation, fraud and corruption, we'll contact the regulators and ask them to comment. We want the markets to expand and for participants to prosper. For this to happen, markets must be transparent and untainted.

Candid, provocative, articles and investigative reporting should be fair, so we endeavour to report both sides of the story and give companies and individuals the right of reply. We aren't preachers and we certainly aren't infallible. The aim is to be impartial and to convey the story accurately and fairly. If we're wrong, if you think we're writing garbage, please let us know. There'll be a correction or amplification, provided your argument is reasonable.

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Sponsors or advertisers are welcome to post their logos and links to this Site. "Sponsortorials" aim at being informative and newsworthy.  Deals for our fast growing target audience are competitive. Views expressed in "sponsortorials" do not have any influence on the rest of Market Predict. The editorial of Marketpredict is completely independent from any sponsor and advertiser. (see Code of conduct.).  

7) Market Predict provides information and forecasts only.

Market Predict isn't an advisory service and provides information and predictions only. The content is for producers and purchasers of raw materials, merchants, professional financial and commodity dealers, hedge fund managers, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA's), fund managers, commercial and central bankers, exporters and importers,  shipping companies and brokers, sophisticated traders, economists, analysts, regulators and academics. (See full disclaimer and explanatory notice in "Code of conduct").

Trading in the risky, volatile, commodity, currency and financial futures and options can damage financial health. Derivatives markets are leveraged, requiring a margin, or deposit, that is only a small percentage of the worth of the contract. A small move in volatile markets can thus wipe out the margin. Over the long term only professionals with strict trading disciplines survive and even they incur considerable losses from time to time.

"The past is no guarantee for the future" and "prices can go down as well as up" are clichés for good reason.

Investors with limited capital should thus steer clear of futures and options and other derivatives markets. They should be wary of hedge and managed futures funds, especially if they are untransparent.  Betting shops that offer individuals the opportunity to speculate in the market via "spread bets" can be fun, but they can also diminish wealth.

Investors who wish to enter these markets and risk their capital, won't find sufficient information here. They should seek independent advice from a registered, authorised market member, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) or other qualified regulated expert. Regulated exchanges and global regulators e.g. UK Financial Services Authority and US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, can supply information about firms and individuals.

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